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very slow delivery and cold food delivered, (both pizza and kebab) not up to your usual standard, I dont know if i will be ordering from here again, its extremely poor

Paul, 29 Apr 2021

Never order form any other takeaway only here. Absoulty amazing, never had 1 problem with the food, every bite tastier then the next. Food alwys sizzling. BEST garlic margarita EVER. Either on time or early which is always a bonus.

Dayna, 26 Apr 2021

Adrian, 21 Apr 2021

Adrian, 21 Apr 2021


Waited over an hour and came absolutly greasy an soggy cold very dissapointed couldnt eat it tasted disgusting!!!

Sarah, 17 Apr 2021


Paul, 11 Apr 2021

Adrian, 09 Apr 2021

Adrian, 09 Apr 2021

Adrian, 09 Apr 2021

Adrian, 09 Apr 2021

Everything was perfect, the only thing was that they got the Mayo mixed up on our burgers but overall amazing.

Rebecca, 31 Mar 2021

the service I have got tonight never again

John, 29 Mar 2021

I have been getting takeaways from here for years and the food has been excellent but in the past few weeks it's been shit ... and always late me and my family have spent alot of money here ..... cos the service and the food was always good ..... never

John, 29 Mar 2021

Tasty and friendly service. Milkshakes are amazing

Rebecca, 22 Mar 2021

Adrian, 20 Mar 2021

Very good place to order from .

Rob, 15 Mar 2021

Used to order many times from yoh for multiple years but last order after 1hr we called up to be told it was ready and waiting a driver after 2.5 hours after ordering we called back to be told driver going to take it shortly not accepting food thats been made sat on side for over 1.5 hours order cancelled. Then tonight we gave them another chance thinking we all have our busy off nights as food used to be quick and nice again after 1 hour waiting called up to be told it on way now and will be with me in within 10 min after 20-30min it turns up everything cold. i ordered fast food not fast food left on counter and delivered slow and cold. may of been nice food when made but wasnt when recieved well thats last order your getting from us!

Nicola, 07 Mar 2021

Mr, 01 Mar 2021


Dillon, 25 Feb 2021

The chicken zinger burger was awful. Couldn’t be eaten as it was so compressed and you could tell it was frozen, not cooked properly tasted rubbery and slimy I was really looking forward to this too never again

Gemma, 15 Feb 2021

Never ever disappointed with this take away

Jenna Wood, 23 Jan 2021

Calzone was beautiful and the Ferrero rocher milakahe was amazing, hope these burgers are just as nice

Oliver, 18 Jan 2021

Very tasty and fast delivery my favourite takeaway

Robert, 18 Jan 2021

Lately the food has been late and cold. As a loyal customer I gave them one last try tonight and once again food took over an hour to arrive. The food was warm at best and the Hot and Spicy Pizza (which I have had before) tasted like an angry chef had poured a whole tub of chilli powder over it, completely inedible, very poor and will not be using them any more.

Graham, 15 Jan 2021

Beautiful as always but missed the cheese off one portion of chips! X

Sinead, 02 Jan 2021

Lovely takeaway.! Only thing I would change is give customer the option to choose chicken burger or cheese burger on the meal deals :)

Nicola, 16 Dec 2020